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Chevrolet Silverado 2500 LT 2006 (285,000 miles) for sale

2006 4X4 Chevrolet 2500HD LT Diesel Crew Cab Long Bed with 8' Western Plow

Model:Silverado 2500
Type:Cab & Chassis
Trim:LT, Diesel, Nav, 4x4, Western Plow, Many Options,
Engine:6.6 LBZ
Drive type:4WD
Interior color:Gray
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear
Item location:Hewitt, New Jersey, United States

Description of this Chevrolet Silverado 2500 LT 2006

One Owner - My Truck - VIN Listed

Has an Auto Check Score of 90% out of a 100 ! - How many 11 year old vehicles have that?

2006 Chevrolet 4x4 2500 HD LT Diesel Crew Cab with Full 8’ Bed with 8' Western Plow

Has the LBZ 6.6 Engine with OEM Dual Alternators, Dual Batteries and so much more

Allison Automatic Transmission with on 6 speed manual tip switch on the shifter

Full 8’ Bed with spray on bed liner

6 pop up ties downs

2” Hitch 7 pin Connection or 4 pin connection

Dealer Upgraded sound

Navigation in dash 7”

Sirius XM


IPOD Connection


CD;s rip to internal server library hold 100s cd’s i will remove my music ask about this.

Auto Dim Rear View with Digital Rear View, Temperature and Compass

Optional electronic high idle for winter

Rear 10 drawer tool boxes included or remove and install a new rear bench seat

Diesel no need for urea fluid

This is the 2500HD LT model - This is Not the 2500WT work truck

Auto Lock

Optional High Idle

Power Seat

Cruise on steering wheel

Volume on steering wheel

Intermittent Wipers

Rear Defrost

265 X 75 R16 Tires 85% just bought 5 months ago about 3500 miles

Has KO OEM High Volume air cleaner option

Remote Start

Keyless lock

Dual Alternators

Allison Transmission 6 speed auto with manual override

Trailering selector on shifter

Electric Digital trailering brake controller

7 Pin Trailer electrical

Optional Amber Roof marker lights

Front shocks done 10 months ago approx

Brakes great done about 1 year ago

Hand Held Western Plow Controller

8’ Western Plow works perfect – Could use new cutting edge.

(NEVER PLOWED FOR MONEY OR COMMERCIALLY) Only plowed my neighbors out each season.

Dual Batteries 2 years old over 1100 amps total

New Main engine belt 1 month ago

New idler pulleys 1 month ago

Electric windows

Fog lights

Cloth seats – no rips – no burns

No smoking vehicle I do not smoke nobody allowed to smoke, ash tray never held a cigarette.

All new injectors at 150k

Oil fitter all oil, lube done 1 month ago

Fuel filter 50%

Tinted privacy glass option

Optional transmission cooler OEM

Crew Cab

Aluminum rims, has pitting, no rust no real damage.

Heat works perfect

Window defrost works perfect.

AC Blows cold

Dual AC Temperature

Dual Heat Temperature

Brand new fuel pump and mounting ring.

Please see pictures.

New block heater and wiring harness

POLY fuel tank not metal


Oil changed every 60 days +/- a week

Had all fluids flushed through in December, engine, transmission brakes, power steering, 4x4 rear, I do it once every 18 months last was back in December .

Now the other news: Things you should know.

I have included an auto check it scores a 90 out of a 100 how often do you see that for an 11 year old vehicle. One owner, Always Insured, Always maintained, My Vehicle for back and forth to work site only.

1-Unit every once in a while after being parked for a couple days or a week will lose fuel prime was just told need the fuel pump, Pump/fuel leaks if overfilled need to address that, I bought the fuel pump and mounting ring for the plastic fuel tank to install it.

Was going to install and wife said why? You should get a new truck… Wife says ok, so ok.. I bought a new truck… my gain is your gain… i get a truck, u get a truck....

I would keep it with the plow on it but I do not have the room here, at all.New fuel pump assembly complete with mounting ring is included and is in the truck ready to install. see pics runs fine without it in, its there for when you want to install, truck starts right up, its the check valve within that losses prime here n there. you open hood pres button 10x starts up. Change the pump an done though.

2- New block heater 3 months ago, came outside one morning found the extension cord from home depot for cold wether block heater had melted shorted in the rain and melted plug, so I bought new plug, new harness and new block heater – harness is $40 alone, entire assembly $75.00 no brainer so I had assembly installed.

3- No rust; except for the front L corner of the bumper which was installed by the dealer – that dealer now out of business. But it is only like a rust marks on the chrome – not rusting through.

4- Passenger rear window needs switch or fuse hasn’t worked in 5 years, nobody sits back there so was never a concern to me never dealt with it.

5- Mileage is original 285400 You cannot kill these LBZ’s had from early 2006 so 12 years –divide 285k miles by 12 years = 24k a year 2k a month 500 miles a week,monday through firday and half day saturday so like I said down 287 each day and back…. Nothing on weekends I have other vehicles for weekend about 75 / 80 miles a day. Its nothing.

6- AC Runs cold nice an cold, every once in a while it will only - on the drivers only side kick to warm, I am told this is a leaking vacuum hose under dash, this is only on the driver side, passenger side stays ice cold. You restart vehicle and its fine. So fix it or don’t

7- Rear bumper plastic could use replacing.

8- Needs #3 if I remember glow plug, so light is on

9- If you replace the from bumper you need to adjust the air bag sensor, if you do not replace -The bumper I really do not think its needed, if you don't then just adjust the sensor, The airbags never went off - EVER. Guy backed into the bumper in a parking lot, so bumper and plastic were replaced.

You know what this truck is worth. It comes with the great working plow, this is perfect for a handyman, an electrician, service man or someone who likes having his tools with him .

Has some scratches…has some dents - . Its 11 years old, looks good, it really does, spend some time, buff them out, wax, detail, suction pull dent in back if you want, make it yours and she will always treat you right.

Had 3 minor incidents. 1- Was in parking lot and was backed into front L bumper and plastic, 2nd one, backed up hit back L bumper (see plastic issue i spoke of above and minor bumper dent,) 3rd guys bumper touched driver rear trying to pass me on left on one lane road in Oakland, no rust/ just a dent you don't really even see it in pics. I am told it can be suction pulled out. look at pics, tell me its in bad shape?...

Tow your boat,

Tow your toy trailer,

Plow and make moneyor just drive to work every day.

I have uploaded lots of pictures. EBAY only allows 24 pics,

I have described what I can.

It is road ready runs fine. Truck will push you back during acceleration.

I will not be low balled, I have title in hand, I have new truck, I do not need to sell to get my new truck, I just need the room on the driveway.

I have for sale locally.

Comes with the working western 8’ plow

Make money plowing one season pay for vehicle.

I kept all my hand tools and a few items underneath for work at my buildings, drove it highway 287 each day and back. Tool boxes will hold your tools or more if you want with no issues. extension cords, lights, trailer hitches, parts, spare fuel filters, air filters, etc.

Rear seats if you want to replace the tool boxes are available on ebay or yards, costs about $300 to $350... and presto your back to a 6 seat crew cab if you want to.

Truck is for sale locally I can end the ad / auction at any time.

If the pictures do not show it for you I am sorry, I have a local standing offer, if you think your going to show up and start complaining about something move on please. Because your just going to waste alot of your time and some of mine. - As is Where is No warranty, Insured and registered ready to roll. So we can drive it to test it. Cash Only Deposit of $500.00 within 12 hours or I relist.

You must email me to see it if you want, you must email me if you win auction so i know your serious. Email sixtyninejets@yahoo.com

Please do the math. ……………

Western 8’ plow $4600.00 - Western 8’ plow install $500.00 - $5100.00 + tax

ADD to it a great truck with everything you need. A 2500HD, LT, 2006, LBZ, Electronic 4x4 high/low, Long Bed, Spray on liner, Crew Cab, 4x4, Built in Navigation, Sirius XM, IPOD conn, Dual Alternators, Dual batteries, always serviced, 285 tires, Fuel pump provided, has monster 6 speed Allison, Remote start, Keyless and keyed entry, KO OEM Air cleaner, Additional Cooler, Trailer hitch 2”, 7 way, Upgraded sound Etc, Has 1/2 tank fuel, Recent oil and lube again, etc, etc.

I am not selling the truck for the price of the plow, forget it's not happening,

Truck alone worth 2x the plow cost.

Truck is for sale locally I can end the ad / auction at any time.

Yes, lets say, you have someone else install, the glow plug $150, Fuel pump $300, Bumper w.install $450, = $900.00 Plus rear window switch $100, and if you want to replace tool box's and put a seat in $500 if you want... odds are your not going to but ok call it $1500, you do the rest of the math.

Truck worth $$$ alone, plus plow, I will listen to any reasonable offer.

Truck is available locally i reserve the right to end the auction or refuse any winning bid if truck is sold beforehand. Buy now, available make a reasonable offer I am a reasonable person.

Thanks for reading

Happy bidding.

5-31-2017 9:47PM

NOTE: Revision

Was just told the plastic bezel around the nav system sticks when opening. Getting hard drive out to download my existing music off of hard drive. Just an FYI


On Jun-01-17 at 18:16:01 PDT, seller added the following information:

Note: I forgot to add, Had all 4 brake lines installed last fall. Mechanic said it was time so I had it done all four preformed stainless steel i believe brake lines and system flush.
Note: I have about 7 offers right now to end early, This will not see the end of the auction.
I have bids from $7000.00 to $10,000.00 right now. I do not understand how you take a $5000.00 plow and offer only $2000.00 for this truck. NOT Happening.
With that said the truck has a book of about $12,500.00 plus the plow. But i am very
reasonable, I will entertain a reasonable offer I do not need to hold out or wait to sell
locally for $17,500.00 but i am NOT SELLING for $7000.00. Meet me around the
middle and lets talk.
I am leaving on vacation next week, would like it our and gone by then
If not i can get a tax deductible receipt from Kars for Kids tomorrow for $15,000.00
and be done with it.
Make a REASONABLE offer its all i ask.
Happy Bidding.

On Jun-02-17 at 09:23:10 PDT, seller added the following information:

Note: I have picture of plow send email if you need..

On Jun-02-17 at 10:31:07 PDT, seller added the following information:

I'm sorry to say. But I've been for some reason getting alot of low ball offers for the vehicle plow package.. I am advising anyone interested ... I took care of this truck. I really need the room or I wouldn't be selling it... I will not sell this package for 10k.. the plow is worth 5k.. the truck is most certainly worth more than 5k.. sorry... Make a reasonable offe, I am a reasonable person.. Thanks for bidding..

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