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Dodge Charger 1971 (5,700 miles) for sale

Drive type:RWD
Interior color:Green
Vehicle Title:Clear
Item location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Description of 1971 Dodge Charger 440 4 speed


To see the car in action, watch this video:https://youtu.be/Iogojb5jruE

For sale is my beloved 1971 Dodge Charger SE, 440 c.i. with an 18-spline 4 speed A-833 transmission and 8 3/4 rear end (3.55 gears, cone-type sure grip). I hate to see it go, but I must sell it to help pay for graduate school!

This is an awesome car that was my daily driver for over a year. I have driven it from New York to Atlanta, GA, a couple times and would not hesitate at all to drive it to California and back. Why? Because everything mechanical has been either totally rebuilt or replaced! Two years ago this car underwent and expensive and lengthy TOTAL MECHANICAL RESTORATION!!! It has about 5,650 miles on the full mechanical rebuild.

There are a couple small dings, one on the driver’s door, very minor, and one on the trunk lid, also fairly minor. Scratches here and there, and some painted rubbed off on the passenger’s quarter panel, but it needs very little body work and would be an easy repaint to make a stunning car.

Here are the vital stats:

Started life as a 383 automatic. Now a hot street/strip 440 4-speed with excellent driving manners.

The engine:

rebuilt and balanced 440, bored 30 over.

L2266 flat-top pistons

LY rods

Comp Camps XE 274 (i believe?) cam — has a nice lopey sound to it without it being a handful. Great torque and horsepower!

High performance oil pump

Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold (it’s painted, but yes it is aluminum under there!)

The heads are close-chambered 915 heads—the good stuff!

The heads have been PORTED AND POLISHED using a Mopar Porting Template set — boy was that a lot of work!

ARP bolts, all around.

everything has been balanced… weight was taken off the connecting rods and i believe they added a little weight to the crank? the flywheel was balanced to it all as well. Very smoooth.

Hooker Competition Headers

Beautiful Hemi Orange paint on it — shot with a real paint gun, not rattle can. Look amazing.

And topped off with a nice set of vintage M/T valve covers and a Mopar aluminum air cleaner.


New fuel tank

New stainless fuel lines

New Holley Street Avenger 770 carb

(I tuned this carb using a full jet set and an Innovate Lc-2 air-fuel guage. She is right on the money now!)


Mopar Electronic igintion.

Orange box

8mm wires

MSD Balster II coil

The good distributor, old-school with the heavy weights, not the flimsy new MP stuff.

The distributor has been taken apart and reworked using lighter springs and a plate that limits the amount of total advance.

It has a lot of initial timing that comes up pretty quick with light springs. The limiter plate holds it at like 36* total i believe.

Autolite 65s


A nice 3-inch aluminum radiator. This thing is huge!!!

Mechanical clutch fan, the big one with 7 blades.

Keeps cool even in stop-and-go traffic, on hot Atlanta days.

High flow water pump, new hoses of course, all the basic stuff.


Hooker Competition Headers

2.5” exhaust

Has dumps (cut-outs) for drag racing — just open them up and this thing gets LOUD! (And faster)

has an x-pipe

Flowmaster mufflers


I got everything from Brewer’s Performance. Spent thousands alone with Brewer Performance! I have the emails to prove it.

Starts off with a brand new steel flywheel from Brewer’s Performance. Was balanced along with the engine, and mounts with ARP bolts.

Centerforce Dual Friction clutch (feels great!)

The bell housing is a cast-iron model, and I forget the details but apparently it is a hard-to-find bell housing. It’s much beefier than an aluminum one, that’s for sure!

a-833 18-spline semi 4-speed transmission!

totally rebuilt using a brewer’s kit, new synchros, bearings, seals, the works

I even sent the speed gears to Brewer’s, so they could machine the synchro teeth on them and make them mate with the bronze synchs better, so that it’ll never pop out of gear.

Balanced driveshaft

Hurst Pistol Grip shifter, which has been rebuilt with a Brewer’s kit including new handle

New hump, boot, and bezel from Brewers

Rear End

8 3/4 rear end

3.55 gears with a cone-type posi

I rebuilt my center section with new bearings, also from Brewers. The cone LSD checked out good.

Green bearings on the axles


Disc fronts, drum rear. Everything rebuilt: new lines, new master and wheel cylinders, linings, discs, everything. Stops great!

Suspension and Steering

Front end linkages totally rebuilt with all new ball joints, bushings, tie rods, pitman/idler arms, everything, using quality MOOG parts.

Stock steering box, power steering. No leaks.

Front 1 1/8” sway bar

NEW Torsion bars up front from Just Suspension. They are 1” diameter.

Rear suspension is a SWEET set up from CalTrac, using their awesome split-mono leaf springs and their KILLER CalTrac Traction Bar set up. This was expensive! But works great. I tighten them up to race but leave them fairly loose most of the time… so i can do burnouts :-)

Wheels and Tires

BFG Radial T/As all around, with plenty of life left in them

I love the wheels on this car! They are vintage Aluminum Slot Mags, American Racing i believe? 15x8” in the front, 15x10” in the back. They look AWESOME and give the car a great wide stance.


Tuff steering wheel

The seats are all original, with a really cool green vinyl/cloth combination. The drivers seat has a small puncture where a spring is coming through, and the passenger seat has a small split where the sticking cam undone. That’s fixable! Honestly I think they look great. Little scuffs on the back of the driver’s seat.

New carpet from Year One

Dynamat and underlay under the carpet!

New headliner and underlay from Year one

Dynamat on the firewall

All new reproduction insulation under the dash, on the firewall, and under the interior panels. This thing is actually pretty quiet inside.

Rallye cluster with factory tach.. The tach isn’t hooked up though. Never tried it.

The cluster has a small crack near the column and has been cut for a radio.

Plastic door panels are a little faded, but not dry and flakey

All in all… largely original with a few tasteful updates.


This is a 95% rust-free car!

Paint is good for a driver, but has its share of scratches. There are lots of small scratches!

Small dent in driver’s door, paint rubbed of rear passenger quarter, some rust repaired areas still showing a little primer. All in all, an honest driver body with nothing to hide, but would look great with minimal body work and a re-spray!

New paint in the engine bay—was painted while the engine was out. Looks beautiful.

Originally a vinyl top car, which got wet and rusted. The roof skin was replaced with one from a solid donor, and welded on professionally. Looks great. Very solid.

VERY little rust on this car!!!! Very little. SOLID!

There was a rust repair done on the drivers rear lower corner of the back windshield. There is still primer around where the repair was done.

There is some light surface rust in the trunk where water got in.

There is some very light bubbles around the bottom corner of the quarter, behind the wheel. Nothing major at all.

There is a dent in the trunk lid where I backed into a pole. DAMN! Easy to fix.

It has been repainted in the past, but the paint is fairly old. There’s not much to hide with this old paint.

All in all, the car could use a repaint, but would require very little body and prep work! Just a little filler here and there and she would be good to go for paint.


The heater box has been totally rebuilt as well wit stuff from Detroit Muscle Technologies.

New Heater core.

Originally A/C…. and it’s ready for it should you ever get a compressor!

Has a nice Kenwood head unit and good JBL speakers in the rear.

The headlamps have been re-wired to run off relays that feed power directly from the battery. This makes them a lot brighter and don’t dim at low RPM. I love my headlights in this car!

Hood pins

Cool old stripe

The bad stuff

The windshield leaks a bit during heavy rain. It just needs to be re-glued by a pro. An easy, cheap fix, free if you have good insurance.

Small dent in trunk lid

The roof gutters are pitted where the chrome trim used to go over. Just get some new trim and cover it up! no big deal.

Surface rust in the trunk, because the trunk seal is shot and leaks water. No rust-through. I have a new trunk seal I never put in. I will include it in the sale!

This car is very fast and thusly very dangerous :-)

Back tires are maybe a little worn down from doing occasional burnouts.

The headlight motor works but I unhooked it. I usually just keep the doors open as i like that look better. But test it with 12v and it works.

All in all, this is a super solid car that gets a lot of looks. It is very fun to drive!! You’ll love rowing through the gears with the 4-speed. And the 440 is just the ultimate engine. Sounds great, and has tons of power and torque.

All the gauges work (except the factory tach) and all the lights work. The horn works, the wipers work. This thing will pass any inspection you throw at her.

Honestly, I hate to sell it, but I need the money. I’m finishing grad school and moving, and need to downsize and liquidate :-( Please don’t hesitate to call me at 413-695-5370. I can help figure out shipping. I can even personally deliver it on a trailer, within a 500 miles radius of Atlanta, for a price that we can work out.

Thanks for looking and happy bidding!


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