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SQL query:

SELECT id, date, short_story, xfields, title, category, alt_name FROM dle_post WHERE category = '172' AND MATCH (title, short_story, full_story, xfields) AGAINST ('2015 GMC SIERRRA DENALI 1500 4WD CREW CAB Vehicle is in excellent condition. 52,987 miles adult owner non smoker. Tires are less than 2 years old and in great condition. Leather interior, heated & air conditioned seats, heated steering wheel, rear vision camera, steering column tilt & telescoping, memory adjust drivers seat, 60/40 rear folding seat, remote start, theft deterrent system, power sliding rear window, rear window defroster, dual zone climate control air conditioning, power adjustable pedals, front & rear park assist, 110V AV power outlet, USB ports, Bose audio system, color touch with intellilink & navigation, Sirius XM radio, CD/MP3 player, driver alert package, lane departure warning, forward collision alert, power sunroof, trailer brake controller, EZ lift & lower tail gate, locking tailgate, 6” Chrome assist steps, power heated outside mirror, 20” Chrome wheels, spray on bed liner, polished exhaust tip, front recovery hooks, fog lamps, rear bumper co') AND id != 564796 AND approve=1 LIMIT 10