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Oldsmobile 442 1970 (83,050 miles) for sale

1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 - Broadcast card, full documented, factory 4 speed 3.91

Trim:W-30 Holiday coupe
Color:Rallye Red
Engine:455 High Output
Drive type:RWD
Interior color:Black
Vehicle Title:Clear
Item location:Mount Holly, North Carolina

Description of this Oldsmobile 442 1970

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1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30 - w/Broadcast Card - Factory 4-speed car - Numbers matching engine - Same family 43+ years!
Odometer: 83050VIN# 344870M166007Engine: 455 370HP 500TQ V8Transmission: Manual

True 1970 442 W-30 Survivor! My late father in law's car! Broadcast card, photo and video documented, factory 4 speed car (detail below.) Same family 43+ years. Numbers matching original block.

3.91 anti-spin rear, heavy duty radiator, manual brakes (disc front drum rear), power steering, N34 steering wheel, interior hood lock, Rocket rally pac gauges, AM radio, convenience package lamps, front and rear mats, and A02 soft-ray tinted windshield. This is a non-console car (no brackets.)

VIN: 344870M166007

3: Oldsmobile Division

44: "442" V8 engine

87: hardtop Holiday coupe

0: 1970 model year

M: Lansing, Michigan

166007: Plant Sequential Number

BROADCAST CARD: (There was never a detailed options build sheet in 1970 W-30s - only this broadcast card if you were lucky. It provides solid proof of a true W-30!)

172: Plant Sequential Number

10: October

17: 17th

3: Oldsmobile Motor Division

44: 442

87: 2-door Holiday coupe

268314: Fisher Body number

930: Black interior with black Strato bucket seats

73: Special order color, extra cost - Rallye Red

73: Special order color, extra cost - Rallye Red

W30: Full W-Machine performance package

The amazing W-Machine Package W30, with the 370 HP Rocket 455 H.O. (we all know it's much higher than that!) Force-Air Induction, special air cleaner, 4-barrel carburetor, aluminum intake manifold, dual-intake Force-Air fiberglass hood with special paint, wide body-side paint stripes, "W" emblems on front fenders, lightweight body insulation, manual front disc brakes.

Broadcast card date: 10/17 - found under rear seat

Fisher Body: 268314 10C

- - Special order paint Rallye Red car. "73" on firewall in writing

Original titled date: 11/21/69 - 1st owner is a friend of the family living in same town as father in law did - this November date is listed on the 2nd owner PA title

Second owner titled 9/6/73 (father in law had it titled in his mom's name)

Third owners are my wife and I - NC titled March 2016 and NC DMV sent the original PA title back to us from 1973.

This is one of the earliest 1970 442 W-30 cars known. 10C cowl date code (3rd production week, October 1969.) Only 367 W-30s were built that month and October was first month of production for the 1970 W-30. There were two full weeks of production after this one was built, broadcast card date of 10/17/69. Hood date of 10/16/69. One of 3100 W-30s built for the 1970 model year. 2574 of those were Holiday coupes. This particular car is one of 1032 4 speed 1970 442 W-30 Holiday coupes.

Both rarity and a super early build - possibly one of the very first! There are no known 10A or 10B cowl date 1970 442 W-30s, and again, October 1969 was the first month of production, according to the GM Historical Society!!! I have also personally contacted the GM Historical Society and they were unable to provide further breakdown of the 367 cars produced for October. Was looking for weekly production numbers, but they simply said their "records were incomplete." So I tried! But they welcomed me to meet with their archivist, which was nice. I can't prove it, but I believe this was one of the first 100 W-30s, maybe even one of the first 50 or 25. But the only thing I can legally say with 100 percent certainty is that is was one of the first 367. Still cool!!!

This is NOT a clone, fake, junk yard, tribute, or reconstructed car. This car has never had the body off the frame or been restored. Best of all, you'll have the broadcast card to prove authenticity. That makes such a difference when it comes to these W-30s. There have been no restamped parts used on this car (a few repro items only like the OAI flapper and XT-style wheels) and the huge majority of the car is original as it left the factory. Take a look at all of the verified and photo documented original parts:

Original engine - stamp 30M166007 - 288 date code (October 15th 1969)

Original manual trans carburetor - 7040256 UA 2569 date code (25th week 1969)

Original manual trans distributor - 1111977 - 9G21 date code (July 21st 1969)

Original F heads - matching - 404-438-211 date code (July 30th 1969)

Original intake - "Oldsmobile W-455" - is full word "Oldsmobile" that the earlier cars wear, haven't removed to check date

Original TO code posi rear with original 3.91 gear (with metal limited slip diff lube tag still in place)

Original 4 Core radiator (Harrison with original cap) - IF and CI (with J date code - September 1969, letter "i" is skipped), metal tag - IF CI 74 EC - 74 is the core code

Original alternator - 1100 880 37A - 9K6 date code (October 6th, 1969, letter "i" is skipped)

Original master cylinder -EB code 260 cast date(September 17th, 1969 - not on car, needs rebuilt but has been refinished externally)

Original OAI air cleaner, with original foam (replacement flapper) - original "ON" decal

Original "OR" fan clutch

Original carpet - Fraser Products 1070-T black

Firewall stamps - Yellow "M", Blue "Z"

Numerous under hood markings - 10-16 date above latch plus others, see pics

Original XT spare wheel in trunk, (K19 731 July 31, 1969 - XT code)with original jack (date 9G, July 1969) and repro tire

Original trunk labels referencing jack stowage of steel non-deluxe spare, missing clips in trunk area so it is a factory dog dish cap car

Original oil pressure sending unit

KM water pump pulley

KJ crank pulley

R caliper 259 cast date 267 assemble date (September 24th, 1969)

L caliper 242 cast date 267 assemble date(September 24th, 1969)

Brake valve by master cylinder 9 251 date (September 8th, 1969)

Frame3960733 circled S 27110 7 S 2 XU (October 7th, 1969)

Spatter paint throughout trunk



This was my father in law's car since 1973. He owned multiple Oldsmobiles, including one other W-30 and a 1969 Hurst Olds. The transmission from the Hurst Olds ended up going into this car, probably in order to allow for the over the frame rail headers he has in it and quicker shifts. 4 speed fans will have no problem with the authenticity though, as it still has the z-bar bracket, battery cable tube behind the engine, manual trans only 256 carb, manual trans only 977 distributor, worn clutch stop pad, TCS switch wiring, floor over where current Hurst dual gate shifter goes is riveted sheet metal, where the 4 speed hump was.

This car has been documented at the largest, most active online Oldsmobile forum, ClassicOldsmobile. Without a doubt this is a factory 4 speed car and there is total agreement on this there and in-person by an Oldsmobile specialist in the state of Indiana that I took it to for the mechanical work, Eric Jensen. Topics started at the ClassicOldsmobile forum concerning this car have well over 50,000 views, and nearly 1500 replies, so this W-30 definitely generates a lot of interest!

A lot of people not familiar with these cars may take a look at the lower fenders and assume rust on the bottoms mean the underneath of the car is in terrible condition. This can't be further from the truth. It is so common for these cars to have lower fender rust. I just wanted to keep it original, so I didn't mess with them. I encourage you to take a look at the multiple pictures of the W-30 on the lift and I bet you'll consider it one of the best unrestored examples you've seen.

THIS W-30 HAS NOT EVEN BEEN BUFFED SO WHO KNOWS WHAT KIND OF SHINE MAY TRULY BE THERE! It looks really good for not having a professional detailer do anything to it. I hope you agree.

Also documented below was when the car was in a slight mishap. In 1976, my mother in law was driving and my wife, only a few months old, was in the rear seat with her aunt. An elderly woman came around a blind corner and swiped the rear behind the driver's door. The damage was repaired and it was not enough to do anything but replace the quarter and the bumper because it had a small mark on the side of it. However, on the repaint, they did about 1/2 way forward on the roof because of the stripes he had on the car and also they wanted to make it blend, plus they did the other opposite quarter. The trunk lid was left alone, probably due to the custom artwork he had on there. Very Ed "Big Daddy" Roth style, like the old "Rat Fink" and Odd Rods!

The paint probably matched up perfect after the repair, but due to a difference in formulation it faded a little over the years. The garage it was stored in since 1982 had windows on it and it got sunshine through them, so that may have had something to do with it. Anyway, there isn't a perfect match, but you will probably repaint anyway. But in the interest of full disclosure there is the included dated picture below showing the original damage. Also, the pics of the area now. The car runs well and drives straight as it should, no shakes or abnormal noises. See my videos below for road time.

All parts with date codes have pictures also shown below. Please allow patience to load them. Of course if you've read this far, they've probably loaded by now. Also a video of me detaching the broadcast card from under the rear seat, and numerous current videos showing the car on the road, most are from 9/4/16 but some are from July. It ran in the hot NC weather without any issues and on multiple occasions. Some days I had it out, it was a heat index of over 100 degrees!

Also included with the car are all of the parts taken off the car during the maintenance process. This includes original fuel tank, original master cylinder, original exhaust trumpets, etc. Aside from the parts, you'll also receive the keys of course (two sets, one GM and one copy), Broadcast Card, receipts, First printing Owner's Manual, August 1969, copy of the 2nd owner original PA title from 1973, factory brochure, plastic cover, and a memory stick full of pictures of the car. Also, you'll receive a Barrett Jackson car cover that was used only once. Black American Racing wheels/Dunlop tires are not part of this sale. Currently has the XT style wheels and Firestone tires w/caps and those are going with the car. How cool is that look? I love it!


Numerous scratches on paint, some small spots where paint has flaked off. Some small dings here and there. Rust on lower front fenders and very small part of pass door.

Engine has a few small leaks, but nothing major. Running on 93 Octane. Engine has needed no fluids in the few hundred miles I've put on it since the mechanic had it. Drips on the garage floor are extremely tiny.

Interior in amazing shape. Missing trim surround piece around dash. No rips on seats. Some very slight seam separation in a few places, hardly noticeable. Working cigarette lighter. All external bulbs work, with correct, not reproduction T-3 headlights.

The following was done to the car since I have owned it this year. All mechanical work completed by Oldsmobile expert, Eric Jensen from Brazil Indiana. Car was trailered there from NC and back for work. Thanks again Eric!

New brake pads/shoes/wheel cylinders/lines/master cylinder, rebuilt original calipers

New fuel pump and lines to engine including carb inlet

New hoses/belts/timing chain set

New fuel tank and sending unit

Carb was rebuilt

Compression tested at around 150 with the highest being 151 and the lowest at 147. (1-150, 3-149, 5-149, 7-151....2-151, 4-150, 6-158, 8-147)

Correct blue notched valve covers (not reproduction)

New water pump

New plugs, wires, cap, rotor

All new fluids - zinc additive added on first oil change - car delivered to me with fresh oil change

New battery and battery tray redone

New rear shocks

New package tray

New reproduction XT style wheels, with reproduction Firestone Wide Oval tires but non-reproduction hubcaps

AM/FM stereo 8 track replaced with 1970 AM only radio which is what the car originally had, speaker works

Removed non-original black paint from the lower wheel area of red inner fenders - wow was that a job - no chemicals used - 8 hours/side

Removed mudflaps and replaced correct (non-repro) wheel opening moldings

Installed new glasspacks and pipes from flange back on headers. Exhaust is turn down, but have original trumpets if/when you decide to go from headers to manifolds and original type exhaust

I have tried my best to describe this car for you. Should you need additional pictures to clarify anything, please ask and I will get them. Any questions, please ask and I will post the reply here so everyone can know the answer. Thank you for your interest!

Terms of Sale

The Deposit:

Non-refundable deposit of $1500 due within 48 hours of auction's close. Balance due within 7 days of auction's close. PayPal for deposit only, balance due in the form of Certified Bank Check (USA bank only), wire transfer (USA bank only), or cash (which will be local bank verified.)

Tax, Title and License:

Local residents are responsible for applicable sales tax in your county as well as title and licensing fees. If you live outside of our state, you are responsible for applicable tax, title and licensing fees in your area.

Note: If the deposit is not received within 48 hours or if the sale is not complete within 7 days of the close of the auction, I reserve the right to sell to the next highest bidder or to another qualified buyer. Should you have a deposit, that deposit will be forfeited.

Legally Binding Contract:

If you are the winning bidder of this auctions please follow through with the transaction. Remember, your winning bid is a legally binding contract to purchase.

I accept the following forms of payment:
(deposit)traditional bank transfercash in personcertified funds

Test drives available, but to serve the seriously interested they will be available only with a bid in excess of $10,000 with full right to retract bid if not interested. Professional pre-purchase inspections are welcome but must be made before the auction ends. I have described the above mentioned vehicle to the best of my ability. However, with all pre-owned automobiles, the condition is subjective, so I recommend that the potential buyer drive or fly out to inspect before auction end.

The advertised mileage represents the actual miles when the car was placed on eBay. The vehicle may be driven and actual mileage may differ at time of sale.

Condition Disclaimer:

This vehicle is sold "AS IS" and there are no mechanical guarantees expressed or implied.

I reserve the right to end the auction at any time.

About the Seller
I am the father of 3 kids and love all things aviation, 80s metal music, and technology. I hope I've done a great job describing this car to you. Thank you for your time and I wish you the best of luck on your bid.
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