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Packard Clipper 1953 (35,017 miles) for sale

Engine:Straight 8 - 288cid
Drive type:RWD
Interior color:Gray
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear
Item location:Mesa, Arizona, United States

Description of 1953 Packard Clipper 4-door - ORIGINAL, LOW MILES!

1953 Packard Clipper 4-door Sedan

This car combines two of the most important traits that are often not found together in one classic car --- low mileage (35,017) and original condition. No matter how hard you try, once they're gone, they're gone for good. It was kept in a storage facility for most of its life. The first owner purchased this car brand new in 1953. He only drove it in the summer months, keeping it in storage the rest of the time. He put 31K miles on it in nearly 60 years. When he was older and had lost his driver's license, the story is that he would sneak out at night and drive the car, so his kids finally had to take the car away.

We are selling it only because we are short of space. It has a straight-eight 288cid motor and a 6 volt electric system. There is also a newly painted engine and engine bay with Packard gray paint that is period correct.

Recent Improvements --
new title

front and rear brake wheel cylinders
new brake master cylinder
new front and rear brake shoes
new gaskets and seals
new battery
a completely cleaned gas tank
a rebuilt carburetor
a completely new exhaust system

Exterior --
A period correct Packard Galahad green
Small drips from transmission
Some nicks and scratches from its 64 year old life
Chrome is good, some brown tint at left front
No significant rust
Body is straight
All of the windows are in very good condition and roll up and down like they were brand new.
All doors open and shut smoothly.

Trunk is super-clean with original jack
Nearly new whitewalls are excellent

Interior –-
Dashboard is bright & shiny
Light cluster is in excellent condition
Door panels are quite clean for a car of this age
Emergency brake works
Seats are original cloth … in rear seat, top of back of seat is starting to pull open
Robe rail is excellent
Both sun visors are excellent
Headliner is very good, small hole above passenger-side visor
Courtesy light is working
Gas gauge & windshield wipers not working

This is a luxury car, so it won’t sprint off the line. But, you soon realize how much power you have at your control as it eases through the gears. If you've never driven a luxury car from the 50's, you are in for a treat. It's a driving experience like no other! As you get it nearly to cruising speed, the Packard feels larger-than-life, smooth, in-control & commanding. Additionally, the cars of this era have so many features not found on today's cars. The little vent windows (both front and rear,) the extremely heavy steel components, the robe rail for backseat customers, space enough to play basketball in the comfortable and large back seat for a family of six or eight, are just a few. This car is an uncorrupted original example of fine automobiles produced by The Packard Motor Company until the late 1950's, a piece of American history you will be proud to own.
Transaction Details --
The title is clear and in hand and will be accompanied by bill of sale. Only cash, wire transfer, or money order will be accepted. Car cannot be moved until payment has cleared. Shipping the car is the buyer's responsibility, however we will help with loading, if needed. Car must be moved within 30 days unless special arrangements have been made with us. Some miscellaneous parts, as well as owner's manual, will be included with the car. So that we don’t waste your time or ours, please be sure you can actually pay for the car and that you have the people in your financial circle properly consenting to your potential purchase of this car before coming to look. Also, remember that there may be some faults about this car that I have overlooked. So, be sure either you or your representative examines it carefully. There is absolutely no warranty or guarantee with this car. We reserve the right to correct any mistakes in this copy. Spoken words will take precedence over written words, in that case.
Contact Information --
You are welcome to email us with questions. If you would like to speak on the phone with us, just leave your phone number in an email and we will call you back.

We have basically fixed the issues that needed fixed on this car. Now, it's ready for someone to buy it and drive it. It is our hope that this car will sell to someone who really appreciates it, that its combination of originality and low mileage (35,017) is special, and that it's not just another classic car. Thank you for your consideration.

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