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Shelby Cobra 1966 (8,500 miles) for sale

Engine:428FE, 446ci
Drive type:RWD
Interior color:Black
Drive side:Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title:Clear
Item location:Aurora, Colorado, United States

Description of 2006 ERA 427SC (finished as 1966 S/C) - Works Built, Stunningly Authentic!

ERA 427SC #707 2005 Works Built – Magnificently Authentic – Superb ConditionSummer's Here... Make This The One You've Dreamed Of!
Heads up, watchers - I may pull the listing shortly for local sales. Offer now if you're playing a waiting game.

If you're looking for a Cobra lookalike, you have many choices. But if you’re looking for “an original,” this is the one you want. After all... it's an ERA, and nothing comes closer to the originals (old and new) in looks and engineering.

This ERA Cobra replica was built, finished and maintained especially “original” and it’s a prize for those who appreciate that special era look, without modernization - just 1966 muscle in the most beautiful body shape ever crafted (plus all of ERA's engineering enhancements).

ERA 707 is an ERA-finished Cobra, built by them in 2005 for an original buyer in Massachusetts who said, “Build me the best car you can.” They did. It has all options including:

  • Trigo 6-pin knockoff wheels with Halibrand spinners
  • Dunlop GT tires in excellent condition, 80%+ tread remaining
  • ERA’s improved "track" rear suspension with outboard brakes
  • Upgraded Sierra front brakes
  • Wool carpet
  • Leather seats with 4-point harnesses
  • Coated exhaust and sidepipes (with safety shields)
  • Richmond 5-speed transmission (1:1 5th)
  • Full set of Smiths gauges with reverse speedo
  • Visors and wind wings
  • Le Mans gas cap (with inner safety cap)
  • Lucas tri-bar headlights
  • ...and much more.

Under the hood it has a master-built Danbury Competition Engines big-block FE:

  • 1966 date-code iron-block 428CJ
  • Forged stroker crank, SCAT rods and custom pistons for a displacement of 446 cubic inches
  • Aluminum Edelbrock Performance RPM heads and intake
  • Custom-curved MFI ignition
  • Speed Demon carburetor and a full-breathing Cobra oval air intake
    • The original build was with a Holley carb and turkey pan, which are included.
  • 7-quart baffled oil pan
  • High-flow Canton oil cooling thermostat for optimum oil temperature control
  • 4-row aluminum radiator and electric puller fan (handled California summer temps with ease)
  • Builder dyno was over 450HP; carb and other changes put it closer to 500HP

ERA is famed for building Cobras that combine “original everywhere you can see, improved everywhere you can't” engineering:

  • Reinforced original-style frame, powder coated for looks and corrosion resistance
  • ERA track-grade rear suspension with Salisbury limited-slip center, outboard brakes and easily adjustable alignment
  • Sierra 12.2 inch front brakes
  • Spax adjustable coil-over shocks - 2 front, 4 rear for fast dial-in of ride and handling
  • Front A-arm suspension and rack-and-pinion steering, as original
  • Fiberglass body pulled from original Cobra and hand-refined for one of the most beautiful shapes in the business
  • Bonded chassis-shell construction for incredibly solid, silent, rattle-free driving with perfect hood, trunk and door fit

No expense or time has been spared getting the era-authentic details right:

  • Battery is an era-correct Autolite replica
  • Glove box pull is the rare “t-handle” type
  • Gauges are all Smiths, as original
  • AC aluminum pedals with left foot rest
  • Lucas tri-bar headlights

Over the time I have owned 707, I have increased the original look by replacing a number of later-era build parts with more correct options (black and silver Aeroquip instead of red and blue, etc.) and replaced many fasteners and fittings with stainless steel for both corrosion resistance and that special “steel glow” over chrome.

Finished in $8,000 worth (2005 price!) of glowing Lamborghini Titanium. It’s a well-kept driver, so there are a few tiny dings here and there, and some scrapes under the chin… but a pint of professional matched paint is included for touch-up work. Never driven on dirt, gravel or in the wet, so it’s as spotless as a driver can be. Near-new Wolf cover, lead wheel hammer, and safety wire kit included. Also includes the front splitter, finished in body color, and the original-build Holley carb and turkey pan, along with three binders of original build, maintenance and upgrade information.

Registration notes: Registered in MA in 2006 as a 2006. Registered in CA in 2009 as a 2006, with SB100 smog exemption. Registered in CT in 2011 as a 1966, no new title issued. Buyer should be able to use the CT registration/online title to register as a 1966; CA buyers can almost certainly use the CA title to bypass re-certification under SB100.

Special California SB100 note: Originally registered in Massachusetts. Currently registered in Connecticut. In between it was registered in California under the SB100 smog exemption program (an expensive and time-consuming process!) Since CT does not issue older vehicle titles, I still have the original California title with the SB100 designation, and the SB100 chassis sticker is still in place. All information I have is that the vehicle may be returned to California and re-registered without further qualification - but it is entirely on the buyer to research and verify that possiblity.

Special Canada note: Since 707 is approaching 15 years (in 2020) it will soon be eligible for import into Canada. Savvy buyers might want to consider buying this Cobra over others with an eye towards premium resale to the north after a couple of years of thorough enjoyment!

So, how “original” is 707? Pretty darn original. From the tri-bars to the 15-inch wheels to the t-handle glove box to the Autolite battery to the old-school engine dress and more, it’s so “original” it took Best of Class at the 2010 Serrano Concours – against a field of five including two continuation Shelbys. What’s more, it’s so “original” it once fooled its own builder! (Long story.)

I have put about 5000 miles on this car in seven years, all gentle highway and byway driving, so there is little wear and tear on the car even at about 8,500 miles. It’s all ready for your adventures, be they buffed up for show, packed up for weekends or tuned up for something more aggressive.

Absolutely fabulous ERA ride, incredibly compliant over bad New England roads. Many riders used to sports cars or other replica builds have complimented the “drive all day” smoothness, which loses nothing in hard corners. Completely, thoroughly sorted out and ready to drive - no kinks, no issues.

I will be happy to answer questions at length in email, and talk with serious buyers at any time or length. Will assist with the most careful transport, and local inspection, for remote buyers.

Make your bid or offer now - I'm ready to sell but may change my mind and keep ”707“ a few more years! Summer's here... be ready for it in the most spectacular way possible!

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